About Us


Crafted began as a way to share the professional handmade work of emerging Canadian makers. Its trajectory and reputation in Calgary is what makes the store the perfect venue to share local talent and support the dreams of small entrepreneurs. We are Cris & Leo: small entrepreneurs, and big dreamers! We fell in love with Crafted and each and every brand, and are elated to embrace the next chapter in the story of Crafted. As new owners since 2020, we are committed to building the legacy of a local business that has been in the life of many Calgarians for more than 7 years. Our focus are Canadian markers, to support them by promoting their craft at every opportunity. Here at Crafted, you can find a wide variety of Canadian artists, designers, and makers as well as unique gifts and items that will bring a smile to your face. 
From jewelry, to greeting cards, skin care, candles, ceramics and apparel -Crafted carries a wonderfully diverse selection of goods for the Calgary community and worldwide now with their online shop.
We hope our space inspires ideas, cultivates creativity, and reminds us what we share in common.

Here’s to a more connected community. 🖤

We hope to see you soon!


Crafted's Family